xk3y firmware v1.05 released

Posted on October 18th 2011

- Added thumbnails to IsoMenu.
- Removed msu.txt, added alternate Slim FW handling.
- Lizard 0225u dumps, do nothing, XK will now detect 0225u automagically JF 0225u dumps, add the following to xkey.cfg


0225d dumps (0401 label, 0225 firmware), add the following to xkey.cfg


NOTE: For some 0225/0401/1071 it may be necessary to use this param if you are seeing "play DVD". Valid values are 0-6

- Changed partition naming, now shows "Volume Label"
- Improved HDD detection at boot time
- Added support for MAC & EFI partitions

Registered xk3y users head over to the download section.