Development Update: xKey Firmware 1.04 beta: isoMenu, fixes, and more!

Posted on October 14th 2011

The 1.04 firmware beta is now being tested, and will soon be publicly available. It adds one major feature and a number of fixes:

- isoMenu system
- Fixed Hitachi 78/79 & XGD3
- Fixed Samsung & XGD3 (thanks to morph0 and others)
- Increased AP25 failure grace period
- Implemented MenuIso menu system
- Changed behavior when an ISO is selected and tray is closed. ISO is now queued until tray opens
- Added Mount point count to main menu
- Added xkey.cfg file

On popular demand we have added the IsoMenu feature. It implements a Mixed Media style menu system. Xk3y generates a virtual ISO in memory that represents the USB Mass Storage devices attached to your Xk3y. You can then navigate the menu and launch games with the Xbox joypad.